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Transforming spaces with innovative and contemporary interior design solutions.


Interior Design

Interior Design Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated! It Should Be Smart & User Friendly

KLAY Interior Studio's Founder and Principal Designer
About us

Interior Design Firm Based in Guwahati

Interior Designing is so much more than just being creative. Your space must do all the talking!

Style is a very personal notion and designing a space that technically isn’t my own, is so challenging.
Listening to you, combining your inputs with my knowledge & experience, I get your space transformed into an aesthetically pleasing & happier

From refreshing your existing room or furniture to ensuring better space management,
KLAY Interior Studio will do every bit to create something special that you keep falling in love with..


Our Recent

Ongoing Projects

Embark on a journey through our ongoing projects, witnessing the seamless fusion of artistry and functionality, and immerse yourself in a world of inspiring designs.


Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Our Services

Space planning

Expertly optimizing every inch, crafting functional layouts that elevate your space's potential.

Project management

Seamlessly overseeing your project from inception to completion, ensuring a smooth and successful execution.

Lighting design

Curating a harmonious blend of quality elements that enhance your design vision.

Styling & accessories

Adding the finishing touches, infusing personality and character into your space with carefully curated decor.

Selecting materials, furniture & fixtures

Illuminating your space with artful precision, creating ambiance and highlighting architectural features.


What Our Clients Say

Hear directly from our clients about their exceptional experiences and the transformative impact of our design solutions.


The more I want to write about KLAY studio it's gonna be less! This woman is highly skilled and professional. She listens to the client's requirements and chalks out the best suitable plan for them. The best part is that her firm has a solution for every kind of budget which the client has . Interior design need not be very expensive all the time and KALPITA BHADRA proves it right. I have seen her growing at a lightening speed and I wish all the very best to her for all her future endeavours
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Kalpita from Klay is a very dedicated person towards her work, communicating with her is very easy coz she goes the extra mile to make sure every person home the family is happy while planing out a home Really happy to have choosen Klay interior.
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klay studios did their job with utmost professionalism and far better than i and my partners imagined. being a layman regarding designs we had no idea how our CA office would look lavish but it did... and am so proud to have made contact with here for the work. Just amazed how she made our ARAP & Co. so amazingly beautiful
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Highly professional team. Understand customer's needs very well. Provide adequate options to the satisfaction of clients, considering budget. Completed the project as per time lines decided at the beginning of the project. Experience of working in Mumbai makes the team technically sound in proper space utilisation. Overall I am satisfied with their design and quality work done. One of the trusted team I came across. I wish this team a great success ahead
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Well I dont have any words to explain how superb is KLAY Interior studio. They are super professional, the founder of KLAY is the backbone of all the phenomenal results people deliver who work under her.
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Klay changed my bedroom into a beautiful place to live in which I had never imagined before. Thanks to Klay Interior Studio for the hardwork and Wishing All the very best for future opportunities.
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